Jessica’s Story

In this video, you’ll discover UBMNA member Jessica Rasmussen and her incredible singing talents; as well as more about United by Music North America. We hope you enjoy it.
United By Music North America from Cassie Cohn on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to Jessica’s Story

  1. i absolutly love the voice of Jessica!
    Its giving me goose bumps all over me!
    Amazing how she do it.
    I realy hope that United By Music North America founds more people like her so she can more sing with other people around her. That would be so nice for her. She deserve that!

  2. Thank you for that comment! Jessica has been away from her home in Eugene OR, at college for the past year and we are now happy to have her back with us in the Northwest. She has resumed rehearsals with our United by Music North America mentors and will be performing with many of them soon!

  3. We are excited to have Jessica come and sing with us at the Winter Blues Music Festival this weekend in Portland!

    Clint Carter
    North Coast Blues

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