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Please consider a tax-deductible donation in ANY amount TODAY to United by Music North America.
Your Gift Today will Support a Grand 2016 for our artists! THANK YOU FOR MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE for the talented artists of United by Music North America!  Your donation today will give our artists, mentors and volunteers a chance for even greater growth. 
Adventures! • Learning! • New Friendships! • Performances! • Workshops! • Fun!

Donate now to change lives…

“My son has never had friends until United by Music!”    

–UBMNA artist mother 

“I can’t believe how my daughter has grown in confidence and happiness since she started singing with United by Music”

–UBMNA artist parent 

“It’s the best part of my life!”

–UBMNA artist

Your tax-deductible donation to United by Music North America, by credit card, PayPal or a check  truly does change lives: Lives of the artists selected for the program, as well as our professional musician mentors, volunteers and the audiences touched by every performance.

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IMAGINE A WORLD in which no prejudice exists based upon race, creed, color – or intellectual capacity. That is the world that we at United by Music and our growing support base, envision. In our case, we have turned to the power of music to bring people together. To focus on ABILITIES rather than so-called dis-abilities.
IMAGINE!  Recording our first CD !
With your help, we will be in the studio making a ‘record’!  Imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment your gift today, in any amount, can give!
IMAGINE!  Our first trip overseas to perform!
With your donation today, our most experienced artists will be able to accept the invitation to journey to The Netherlands to participate in the Tenth Anniversary Jubilee Week of Gala Performances with not only our founding group United by Music in Europe, but also with the artists in our newest program from Norway! 
IMAGINE! Expanding United by Music to ever more communities  – maybe YOURS!
Did you see us this year? Maybe you saw us at one or more of several of our festival and event appearances this year:

  • Waterfront Blues Fest ( multiple venues during four days- Oregonian Stage, Rose Hotel’s United by Music Showcases, Delta Music Experience Back Porch Stage) Winter Music Festival
  • Snohomish Taste of Music
  • Rose City Festival (all 3 weeks)
  • The Bite of Oregon
  • University of Washington’s Celebration of 25th Anniversary of ADA
  • TASH Annual Conference
  • Highway 99 Blues Club
  • L’Arche Annual Celebration Dinner
  • The Lehrer Blues Club
  • Open Mic and Audition Parties in Portland and Tacoma
  • Corporate, Private and Civic organization parties
  • O’Connors Pub
  • Jimmy Mac’s Restaurant & Club
  • B Sharp Club & Coffee House
  • Mighty Mouth Blues radio
  • Wurlitzer Manor Music Series
  • Duff’s Garage
  • The Lake Theater
Your donation today will mean SO much to our artists who are working daily in practice, and weekly in rehearsals to prepare themselves for even more performance opportunities-for you!

Make a one-time or recurring donation: 

Besides making a one-time donation to UBMNA, you may want to use the Sustaining Donor option by choosing a monthly recurring payment/contribution.

We’re proud of all of our UBMNA artists!
In addition to our regional artists in the ongoing program, our associate artists from around the country are receiving acclaim!

All of these artists have been presented during our United by Music Allstar Showcase performances at Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, OR,  our pilot city in North America.
  • Marlana Vanhoose:  We have celebrated the growing national recognition of one of our associate artists, Marlana Vanhoose of Kentucky,  who has wowed audiences throughout the country with her amazing rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. From NASCAR to NBA playoffs this tiny package of talent demonstrates the power of music to transform lives!
    Marlana Vanhoose
  • Christine “Kingfish” Ingram:  For many years, we’ve watched  Kingfish, a young man from Clarksdale, MS,  grow in talent and acclaim. This year The White House joined the fan club as Kingfish was welcomed by, and performed for, First Lady Michele Obama!
Christine “Kingfish” Ingram with Michele Obama
Sujjeet Desai
  • Sujjeet Desai:  Sujeet, a muti-instrumentalist from upstate New York, was featured onstage at Carnegie Hall in NYC and continues to travel the world to bring his great spirit to audiences everywhere!
Nick Guzman (L) performs
  • Nick Guzman:  The Guzman family moved to Los Angeles to allow Nick to continue to develop not only his  love of music but a motion picture film career. He has enjoyed time performing onstage with superstar group Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young at the annual “Light it Up Blues”  concert!
With your help, we can continue to bring these national treasures to visit and perform with our own program artists!

Do you have unused airline miles?
2015 was a year of transforming lives through United by Music!  Our United by Music North America group welcomed yet another country to the program: Norway! Imagine being able to travel to The Netherlands in Spring 2016 to be with the international United by Music community to perform before thousands in 5 GALA shows!

YOU can make that happen with not only your financial assistance, but also through a DONATION OF AIRLINE MILES!  It’s easy! Send United by Music North America co-founder Barbara Hammerman a note by clicking here, for information about this EASY option for support!

Our lives are rich with excitement and celebration of the many additional accomplishments of our artists and mentors! Several have CDs of their own, have written books and succeeded in athletics. 
Songwriters, Authors, Athletes! We will profile these accomplishments in future blog notes!

Join Us! Contact Barbara and Amanda
if you know someone who would be a good fit for UBMNA

Perhaps you are, or know of someone who is very musically talented and has a development challenge.

We’d love to talk with them about the opportunity to join our own Super Group Band!

Contact Amanda Gresham, United by Music North America co-founder and UBMNA producing director to find out how!  

As Grammy nominee Mr. Bobby Rush said in speaking about his love of United by Music, “ A person can live a long time without food or water, but they can’t live long without hope.”

United by Music North America gives these multitalented performers a chance to soar and be recognized for their super abilities!

Please join us in supporting the musicians of United by Music.

Help our cause, donate today

Donate to UBMNA

Wishing you and your family a beautiful holiday season and musical New Year! See you on the dance floor!

–Barbara and Amanda
Co-founders United by Music North America

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