Audition Process information and FAQ’s

To: All Audition Candidates 
From: Barbara Hammerman and Amanda Gresham, United by Music North America co-founders

We are so excited that you are going to be singing and/or playing an instrument at the United by Music Audition Party at TACID.

Remember that this is planned as  fun party for us to get to know you, and for you and your family to get to know us!

1.  It is preferred that you let us know that you will be a contestant so that we can have your space on the program reserved for you. An early decision also sets you on the road to practice regularly to be the best you can be in your audition.  However, if you just heard about these UBMNA  Auditions, come on down to the party and share your song with us anyway!  

2.  Arrive by 12:30 PM to receive your United by Music North America Audition Form to be completed, giving us your names and contact information.

3.  Your selection to play or sing should range between 2 and 5 minutes. 

4. When the M.C. of the program calls you to the stage area, you should introduce yourself to the audience, tell what song you will be singing or playing and then play your song.  The judges will be supportive and helpful.  After your performance, they will offer ideas, comments and perhaps ask you a question or two. The judges are there to support you and want to see you succeed and be happy.

5.  Everyone who gets on the stage February 28th to audition will receive a Certificate of Participation in the Audition.

The 3 questions people often ask are:

Q:  Can I bring a record to sing with?
A.   We want to hear your own, natural voice.  No recordings or accompaniment are necessary, but you may if you wish. The important thing is, if you do use electronic or personal accompaniment, it should be the kind that is background to your singing, or your playing an instrument.

Q:   What type of music should I use?
A:   The United by Music company uses mostly blues, swing, and rock ‘N roll songs but for the audition you my use whatever music you like to play and sing. This allows you to feel the most comfortable and enjoy your time on stage, which is what we want to see!

Q:  What should I wear to the audition?
A:   The most important thing is to be comfortable!  If you feel comfortable, you will be more likely to do your best.  If you like to dress up, go have fun with it!   If you would rather wear jeans and a t shirt, that is fine also.  We like for the performing group to present a pleasant appearance for audiences and we will work with those selected into United by Music North America on their performance clothes..

Advice:  Have fun ! This is your time on stage.  Remember everyone there wants to see you succeed and have a good show. They are there to support YOU!

Please let us know you are coming to the AUDITION PARTY and if you will be singing or playing an instrument.

RSVP options:
Please RSVP to let us know you are coming to the Audition Party, and if you will be singing or playing an instrument…

A) Send an email to TACID –, or call 253-565-9000. Leave your name, email and how many people you will be bringing.


B) Send an email to UBMNA –, or call United by Music North America VOICEMAIL RESERVATION LINE: 253.225.7655. Please leave your message and contact information as this is a voicemail only and we call in for messages.

Want information about how YOU can participate as a musician, volunteer or supporter?  Just write to Barbara or Amanda at

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